Consultation helps engender the support decisions need to be successfully implemented

Undertaking a project in China presents a variety of challenges
regardless of the level of ‘China experience’ you have. Even experienced businesses can find China’s unique working methods tasking and many regularly return for our advice and direction. Whether it is market entry, registration legal advice, or any other form of consultation you will require a good plan and a reliable consultancy partner.

OMiBJ consulting can provide expert consultation in the following areas in preparation for your China business plan:


Contract negotiation

Heavy Industry Machinery, Product Sourcing, Joint Ventures, Property purchase

Market entry

Consumer products, Cosmetics, Essential Oils, Market Research

Legal advice and direction

All sectors

Mergers and Acquisitions

All sectors

Business registration

WOFE, RO, JV, Free Trade Zone, TAX & Legal advice

Government (Central & Local)

Negotiation, regulations, introductions and liaison

Each company’s requirements are different and so each project requires a customized solution to fit your need. At OMiBJ everything we do is geared towards making the transfer to China as smooth for you as possible by putting our knowledge into your China practice.


Our consultants have a wealth of experience in almost all major industries and services; have worked in both private and public sectors and also have vast knowledge and experience of China business. We are not just committed to delivering results in the short term either. Our aim is to start with you at the beginning and continue to work with you through all situations and developments. 

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Commercial Property Search

Encompassing both short term and long stay projects, we provide commercial property services for all requirements, complete with property management to compliment. Click here for more details 

China Sourcing

Our product and factory sourcing management teams consistently prove to be the best solution for any business looking to gain a financial advantage by sourcing or manufacturing direct from China’s vast number of qualified manufacturers. Click here for more details   


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