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Our Man in Beijing Consulting provides the following business reporting services in preparation for your company:


·         Credit report

·         Due Diligence report

·         Competitive Analysis report

·         Procurement Audits

·         Registration report

·         Market Research

·         Financial Background report

·         Customised Business report

Credit Report

Providing a comprehensive credit report including registered and financial information, current banking and credit situation as well as purchase and sales statistics, this report is the foundation for any investment in China for a foreign enterprise. This report can be conducted upon potential partners and clients aswell as competitors.


Competition Analysis Report

This report provides our clients with critical information regarding competitors, their status and their development trend whilst also covering some other aspects needed to make key strategic business decisions.  The report includes analysis and information regarding items such as current status, registration, and their investment trend and organization structure. We also identify trends in historical changes, production operations and supply, and financial situation including purchase and sales capability. The report can be customised to suit.


Registration Report

The Registration report details all official registration information for a business entity confirming the authenticity & legality of a potential business partner company.


Financial Report

We contact relevant local and national government offices as well as the banking institutions to provide an upto date accurate account of financial data. The financial data includes comprehensive information on banking accounts, income, profits and expenses. Business registration legality is also investigated as part of this report.

Due Diligence Report

This report can identify a supplier or individuals qualifications, evaluate presented financial data, standard background checks on business entities as well as staff. Due diligence is also generally regarded as a pre-investment merger & acquisition ‘must do’. The overall due diligence report can cover many aspects of a company or person as well as further investigations into potential deeper issues such as frauds or convictions, asset tracking and data analysis. The report can be customised to suit.


Procurements Audit

Procurement audit reports aim to assist potential buyers of Chinese manufactured goods. By establishing the genuine circumstance of the manufacturer, their suppliers and the involved project costs. The audit looks at where the Chinese company sources its materials, reviews the materials sourcing procedures whilst interviewing company managers, suppliers and procurement staff. The end result is a finely tailored and objective review of procedure with observations and recommendations.


Market Research

Market research is based on the client’s specific requirements for collecting and collating of statistics & forecasts. Employing a number of investigative methods from informed sources we will compile current data to help the client in their decision making. Each project’s scope and aims vary but often require analysis on such things as competitor analysis, local and/or regional market size and pricing, market growth, consumer trends, supplier information, credit & financial data and regulation. The report can be customised to suit.


Supplier Verification Report

Our experts work closely with the supplier, government, legal departments and financial institutions to make certain it is 100% clear who you are working with. Supplier verification reports include a site inspection report, financial and credit review and registration check.

Customised Business Report

If your report requirements do not fit into one of the above types, based on your specifications we can provide a customised business report to meet your demands.


Translation Services

As an additional service, Our Man in Beijing provides professional translation services for any documents, web material, advertisements or similar.



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