We will save you time and money identifying the most suitable manufacturer for your product


Determining the best manufacturer is often not possible from abroad. Whether it is sourcing existing products or looking for a financially stable and technologically advanced manufacturer, we can find the best one to produce your OEM product.


Our export services team will identify, inspect and review any number of potentially qualified manufacturers, providing you with sound advice for your important decisions.


We take away the pressure of finding a suitable OEM manufacturer for your product.


Utilising our growing number of manufacturer contacts, our OEM team works effectively as your project manager on the ground in China, directly engaging with potential manufacturers. As each project has a different focus and requirements, our team will develop a unique project plan for your production.


Our factory sourcing experience includes the following:


·       Factory Sourcing

·       Background Investigation

·       Project planning

·       QA/ QC

·       Facilities Inspections

·       Materials Management

·       Procurement Negotiations

·       Regular reports


Basing a business trip on email communication and maybe a few teleconferences with a potential supplier can initially seem like a option but can quickly turn into a frustrating and costly experience, with negotiations becoming quickly bogged down or worse.


Our Man in Beijing can prepare everything for you in advance, identify suitable potential suppliers, vet and visit them and then inform you with our recommendations, saving you a lot of time and money, not to mention headache. Being able to speak the same the language has proved essential in clarifying the finer design and development points of your product, whilst regularly being physically present shows commitment and genuine purpose to the manufacturers. It also keeps open a direct line of dialogue between all parties which is always conducive to good results.



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