'Our excellent team of QC professionals has over 20 years of China experience in key standards and certifications'

The OMiBJ QC team can secure your product’s quality and delivery schedule at any time during the project through the implementation of our QA and QC procedures.

Using client approved project control plans & check lists, we ensure that all production processes run at optimum and that control testing is applied appropriately by the factory and to the exact standards as the approved pre-production sample. 

Our Man in Beijing has experience in the following standards:

ISO Standards

TUV Solar





SA 8000



Australian Furniture Standards


OMiBJ provides the following Quality Control operations for its clients:

Supplier Verification 

Production Management

Factory Audit

Defect sorting/ Container loading supervision

Lean and six sigma expertise

Transition Management

Industrial Performance production

Pharmaceutical production expertise

White room expertise

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

There are 4 general stages for production control. They are as follows:

1.         Quality Assurance development

2.         Product Quality Control

3.         Defect Sorting/ Pre-shipment Inspection


Quality Assurance (QA)

An initial review of the manufacturers QA plan is performed by your project management team and our recommendations are reported back to you. We will then regularly review the production process to ensure optimum output is achieved and timelines are being met. In conjunction with both the client and the manufacturer, we will provide recommendations based up our review reports. These reports aim to improve the production process by detailing and developing areas of production that can be improved. Any product design or development deviations are completely re-evaluated for new quality assurance protocol.


Quality Control (QC)

QC inspections of the facilities and products are undertaken onsite at various stages of production to identify any potential issues, allowing for readjustments, and that production standards are being maintained to the client’s expectations and agreed contract. Upon indentifying an area of concern, an immediate review is performed and reported to the client. On the client’s agreement, the manufacturer is informed of the findings and any subsequent recommendations. Our vigilant quality control practice is especially good for very large production scales/orders where different production batch quality can vary considerably.


Pre-shipment & defect sorting

These inspections take place near the end of/after production has been completed. For ongoing projects, these checks would be performed at the end of each batch before shipment. Samples are selected from the warehouse pre-shipment, and based on Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standards for the completed product are inspected for product safety, packaging defects, product functionality, colour and other pre-agreed specifications. Defect Sorting takes place prior to the product batch leaving the factory for loading onto the transport ship. The products are sifted through to identify any faulty or below standard products. Products are selected at random and tested to ensure they operate correctly. Approximately, 5-10% of the finished products are selected for random sampling.


Our Man in Beijing’s QA teams are available to work on a customised or full project basis. Full project basis allows us to dedicate a dedicated team solely to your project for any specified time. For Customized QA we can organise a team to fulfill an immediate or specific QA task based on your requirements and independent of other aspects of the project. 

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