We take Supplier Verification very seriously

Our Man in Beijing takes supplier verification very, very seriously. In a country with a reputation for corruption, knowing that your project and money are in safe hands and is being managed properly by a registered and stable company is the most important aspect of any manufacture project in China.


Selecting a manufacturer based on a progressive and polite dialogue, well produced samples and a good quote is one thing, but ensuring that they are ultimately worthy of your investment is the critical factor in your project moving smoothly from beginning to end.


Our Man in Beijing’s supplier verification process consists of the following steps:

1.    Factory Visit - Site, tools and working condition inspection

2.    Manufacturer Interview – project discussion, QA &QC planning

3.    Financial Investigation – Government & Financial Institutions

4.    Registration Check – Local/National Government

5.    Supplier Verification Assessment Report


Our Man in Beijing’s project management experts will work closely with the manufacturer, government, legal departments and financial institutions to make certain it is 100% clear who you are working with and that there are no surprises waiting for you further down the production line.


The final supplier verification report contains the following information:

Official company registration

Identify principle stakeholders

Current credit status

Other legally associated business

Payment methods

Legal foreign trading status

Banking details

Business conduct record

The supplier verification procedures takes place during the negotiation phase with the manufacturer and before any financial transaction have taken place.


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