‘We can handle many of the preparatory tasks that will save you time and money upon arrival in China.’

Our Man in Beijing Production Services has vast production experience in events, media, and stage.
If you are planning to have a production in China, whether it is a documentary, film, corporate function, live event, or party, we can help take care of some or all aspects of the project and save you time and money.

Our Man in Beijing specializes in eliminating the apprehension that can come with producing a project in a foreign environment. We provide our clients with a direct line of communication and on-the-ground support before, during, and after your time in China. 24/7.

Our Media & Production services include:

  • Pre-production
  • Location scouting and venue management
  • Permitting & Logistics
  • Travel and hotels
  • Reality and extras casting
  • Provide reliable Chinese production assistants
  • Event, conference, and party planning

Client Appraisal: Gurney Productions (Discovery Channel)

Our Man in Beijing was employed as a consultant to assist Gurney Productions for a project in China to shoot film for a documentary on the tiger reserves. We were also asked to provide an excellent Chinese PA and a Translator for the crew on the ground here in China. Within a few days, Our Man in Beijing was able to save the production company several weeks’ worth of time and money.

‘Your efforts are dually noted and we will definitely stay in touch and I am certain you will work with all of us again on our various projects. Also rest assured you get nothing but the best referrals from any of us, because you are an excellent support to have on the ground in China.

It’s been great having such a competent and honest person on our side, and you literally have been "Our Man in Beijing!”’

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