‘Combining our expertise with yours, ensuring a successful production.’

Even the most seasoned and experienced producers can have a horribly frustrating experience in China; feeling utterly helpless at times. Beyond the obvious language barriers, there is often a lot more than just words that are lost in translation.

Being unfamiliar with China’s production practices can often lead to expensive and time consuming mistakes. Our Man in Beijing’s Production services is designed to ensure that these issues are avoided.

We are at your disposal to either act as a preliminary consultant to help you plan out your time here in China, or to take on aspects of your production. Below are only some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Location Management
    • Venue scouting
    • Contract negotiations
    • Permitting
  • Travel and Accommodation
    • Crew flights and hotels
    • Transportation logistics
  • Chinese Production Coordinators/Assistants
    • Highly capable, experienced, and bright
    • Excellent English skills
    • Independent problem solvers
  • Extras Casting
    • Western and Asian
  • Equipment Rental
  • Item Sourcing

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China Sourcing

Our product and factory sourcing management teams consistently prove to be the best solution for any business looking to gain a financial advantage by sourcing or manufacturing their products direct from China’s vast number of qualified manufacturers. Click here for more details

Business Services

Our team of established expat consultants and qualified Chinese nationals will provide an efficient service to fulfill your business objectives. Working with us connects your business with our network of trusted partners and vendors in China. Click here for more details

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