‘Finding high-quality commercial real estate in Beijing’


We provide a full range of commercial property services, encompassing both short term and long stay commercial leases, with a complete property management service to compliment.


Working closely with the client we quickly put together a requirements checklist. Once approved our project team will have a detailed report to you within 2-5days, dependant on the scope. The commercial property report includes full property inspection and background report on the building owners/body corporate. We can also provide additional reports on local area facilities and transport, background and credit checks and other tailored information.


Short Term Lease

Our Man in Beijing can find you suitable ‘Short Term’ occupancies to choose from. Our large network of contacts allows us to move efficiently and swiftly to source all your requirements. We will check your lease agreement and manage negotiations on your behalf


Long Term Agreement

Potential ‘Long Term’ agreements come with more detail and complications, whilst the commercial space also has bigger requirements. Utilising our large network of commercial real estate contacts we can swiftly provide you with a full dossier on your property and location options.


When a potential property is identified, viewing times are arranged, working directly with both your team and the vendor. If you are unable to attend then our team will act as your representative, whilst negotiating on your behalf and providing daily updates.


Once a property is initially approved, further consultations will take place negotiating price and property condition. Our Man in Beijing believes using our relocation management team will significantly reduce your agreement costs. We will continue to work closely with the Chinese side to ensure ‘move in’ timelines are on schedule.



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Property Management Services

As part of our service we can also provide a property management service for clients. This can range from managing refitting your new commercial property, through to arranging a professional cleaning service. Click here for more details  

Business Services

Our team of established expat consultants and qualified Chinese nationals will provide an efficient service to fulfill your business objectives. Working with us connects your business with our network of trusted partners and vendors in China. Click here for more details 

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