‘We simplify the relocation process by serving as a single point of contact to manage all your vendors


Setting up your commercial property efficiently can be among the most stressful and time consuming events during a commercial relocation. Failure to select the right contractors and management team can result in serious ‘move in’ delays and an exceeded budget.


Our Man in Beijing’s relocation team can seamlessly transition your entire facilities setup so you don't miss a beat during your move.


After first finding your ideal property, then securing the contract, we’ll assist you so you have everything you need to make it ready. Whether it’s a small job of selecting appropriate flooring for your new office or a large job rewiring and networking several floors, we have the industry contacts to fulfil your needs whilst providing professional recommendations along the way.


Our Man in Beijing has extensive professional connections with the following types of specialist sub-contractors:


-        Interior Design

-        Computer Equipment

-        Flooring

-        Rubbish removal

-        Electrical

-        Office Cleaning Service

-        Telecomm infrastructure

-        Security firms

Commercial space always reflects brand image, so we understand the importance to provide our clients excellence. We use only qualified contractors with extensive experience in each required field. All 3rd party companies are regularly reviewed and guidelines are placed upon them to ensure all materials are from reliable sources and only qualified professionals work on our projects.



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Property Management Services

As part of our service we can also provide a property management service for clients. This can range from managing refitting your new commercial property, through to arranging a professional cleaning service. Click here for more details  

China Business Registration

If you're considering setting up a new office or company in China, and need some advice, and assistance with all your requirements then we can help. Click here for more details 

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