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Our Man in Beijing provides the following destination services to make your relocation as smooth as possible.


Property Management

We search for suitable properties in appropriate areas, undertake all lease negotiations including contract review, approval and sign-off, and then manage and maintain the properties on an on-going basis.

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Orientation Programs

Aside from viewing each accommodation option your expat guide will accompany you to visit the local facilities pointing out relevant sites, whilst also providing you with an on the ground insight into Beijing’s lifestyle and culture for any expat living in Beijing.

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Networking in Beijing

Once you have arrived, with your accommodation needs successfully resolved, it’s time to establish yourself within the Beijing Community. We will help you find your feet through meeting the right people and being part of the right networks.

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Spousal Counseling/ Career Assistance

We can organise individual and/or family counseling services and practical help for spouses looking for employment.

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Shopping Services

We’ll take you shopping so you can get all your home needs and more. We know where to get everything so we’ll make sure you don’t waste your time getting lost or going to the wrong places. Our guide will accompany you to each store helping with communication and conversion rates so you clearly know what is going on and how much you’re spending.

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Home Sitting

One of our representatives will wait at your home for any shipments, deliveries or utility installations (such as cable) whilst you are at work or out of the country.


Cultural Training

Our cultural training program consists of a concise and detailed overview on Chinese social culture and its impact on foreign individuals, families or groups moving to China. Though the initial session is completed within a day, our cultural guidance continues for as long as you have questions to ask us.

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Language Training

Our Man in Beijing will help organise language training sessions for you and your colleagues or family. Depending on your needs we can arrange private or group classroom sessions or even private instruction conveniently at your home or office. Each course is tailored to your language level and particular situation. All language schools and language tutors are professionals and are all qualified to teach Chinese language and writing.


School Search Assistance

We know many of the teachers from the different international schools personally and as a result are able to offer sound advice on the schooling option best suited to your child/children’s requirements.

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Visa Assistance

Our Man in Beijing’s visa team will advise and assist you with any issues you may have both before you arrive, and while you’re here in China.

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Discover Beijing!

Our Man in Beijing assists in planning the itinerary and escorting you to Beijing’s famous destinations. We will answer your questions, help communicate with the locals, and haggle for prices. Click here for more details


Business Services

Our team of established expat consultants and qualified Chinese nationals will provide an efficient service to fulfill your business objectives. Working with us connects your business with our network of trusted partners and vendors in China. Click here for more details

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