‘Helping you quickly adjust to your new environment’

Every person or group’s orientation requirements are different from project to project, so Our Man in Beijing provides a range of service options that can be selected to produce a tailored orientation package to suit your relocation!

Our orientation program starts even before you arrive in China, the very first time we speak on the telephone to discuss your relocation:



In this initial meeting we discuss and establish your relocation needs. In the course of this meeting, we will present some initial thoughts and recommendations to you. Our relocation team will continue to work closely with you until the relocation plan is confirmed, upon which development of the research dossier commences. 

Research Dossier:

The research dossier is based completely on the relocation plan. It is a detailed report containing information and recommendations outlining accommodation, local schools, recreational facilities, parks, shopping locations and general orientation of local services such as transport. Our Man in Beijing can make the necessary arrangements with the real estate agents and schools for viewing and meetings times.


Our Man in Beijing provides the following post arrival orientation services:

Area Orientation

Escorted to view each accommodation location your expat guide will accompany you to visit the local facilities pointing out relevant sites, whilst also providing you with an on the ground insight into Beijing’s lifestyle and culture for any expat living in Beijing. The Area Orientation tour can be either a half or full day with a chauffeur driven sedan option available. This service is designed to maximize your time and goes hand in hand with the final research dossier (see above).


Spousal Counselling/ Career Assistance

We can organise individual and/or family counselling services and practical help for a spouse looking for employment in the new area. Using our network of contacts we can arrange for introductions to other expat spousal groups in Beijing whose experience and benefits are second to none.


School Search Assistance

We know many of the teachers from the different international schools personally and as a result are able to offer sound advice on the schooling option best suited to your child/children’s requirements, as well as putting you in direct touch with each school. We will represent you until you arrive and can arrange chauffeur-driven visits to any school, accompanied by one of our Chinese speaking expats to provide advice and assistance.



Shopping Services

Making your new apartment or house feel like home can be a challenge in a new city, but it can also be exciting if you know what you want. We know where to get it so we’ll make sure you don’t waste your time getting lost or going to the wrong places. Our expat guide will accompany you to each store helping with communication and conversion rates so you clearly know what is going on and how much you’re spending.


Cultural Training

Our cultural training program consists of a concise and detailed lesson on social culture of China and its impact on foreign individuals, families or groups moving to China. Though the initial session is completed within half a day, our cultural guidance continues for as long as you have questions to ask. We are happy to provide the training in any environment, be it at work or at your home, outside or over coffee. The program is for a set number of hours, but can be flexible and broken down into convenient timeslots.

**NB - Cultural training for professional/business purposes is a separate tailored service


Language Training

Our Man in Beijing will help organise language training sessions for you and your family. Depending on your needs we can arrange either group classroom sessions or private instruction conveniently at your home or office. Each course will be tailored to your language level and particular situation. All language schools and language tutors are professionals and are all qualified to teach Chinese language and writing.



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Discover Beijing!

Our Man in Beijing assists in planning the itinerary and escorting you to Beijing’s famous destinations. We will answer your questions, help communicate with the locals, and haggle for prices. Click here for more details


Business Services

Our team of established expat consultants and qualified Chinese nationals will provide an efficient service to fulfill your business objectives. Working with us connects your business with our network of trusted partners and vendors in China. Click here for more details

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