‘Connecting with real people within Beijing’s diverse community’

Once you have arrived, with your accommodation needs successfully resolved, it’s time to establish yourself within the Beijing Community. We will help you find your feet through meeting the right people and joining the right networks and groups.


Our Man in Beijing Networking Services has been especially designed to help you get your social bearings and feel comfortable in what can be a very ‘different’ environment. Even if you think you can speak a little Chinese, being surrounded by it 24hrs everyday can be over powering, making it difficult to find out even the simplest of information.


As most of our employees are expats we understand the difficulties, challenges, and frustrations you can encounter. This unique service can guide you in a matter of days what took us months to figure out on our own when we first arrived. 

Beijing is a uniquely international city. There are over 200,000 expats from all over the world here; most of them are doing interesting things and are intricately involved in China’s development. There are few places in the world where meeting fascinating people can be as valuable, and as opportune, than right now in Beijing.


Whether you want to meet people within in a similar business field or pastime, we can introduce you to the appropriate organizations, societies, sporting groups, book clubs, and health networks.


Below are a number of example social groups we can help you connect with:

-        Government

-        Book clubs

-        Chamber of Commerce

-        Musical (schools, tutors, Chinese)

-        Business organisations

-        Sporting clubs & schools

-        Expat groups & clubs

-        Health clubs

-        Counselling groups

-        Food culture

-        Language training


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Destination Services

As part of our service we also provide a full range of destination services to help you settle in as quickly as possible into your new environment. Helping you find the right schools for your children and shops for your new home, this tailored service covers everything. Click here for more details  

Business Services

Our team of established expat consultants and qualified Chinese nationals will provide an efficient service to fulfill your business objectives. Working with us connects your business with our network of trusted partners and vendors in China. Click here for more details

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