‘Many people come to Beijing to experience Chinese culture, go sightseeing and have a good time! We can arrange all of this for you, but with a personal touch.’

We’re here to make sure your holiday works out perfectly and to that extent we take your suggestions and budget and convert them into the perfect trip. Once the daily itinerary is agreed upon, our travel team will work with you to organise all requirements such as guide, driver, and accommodation and pre-booking tickets. Upon arrival, we can be at the airport with our own driver to escort you comfortably to your hotel.


When it’s time to venture out, your expat guide will collect you from your hotel and take you out on your adventure, visiting all the destinations on your itinerary and assisting you in any way you need. We will help with questions, communicate with locals, and haggle for prices. We move at your pace and convenience! 


In terms of activities and destinations, we can organise the following…
-  Sightseeing       -  Galleries, Concerts and Theatre
-   Shopping           -  Adventure Tourism

-   Body & Mind      -  Dining Guide

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Our Man in Beijing provides travel consultation and services for the following type of traveler:


Individual Travel

If you want a lot of help, or just a little to get you on your way, we have the team to make it happen for you. From our airport collection service to guided trips around Beijing’s famous locations, you will always know you that you have a friend in the city.


Group Travel

Not surprisingly, the group travel scenario works in a similar way to the individual service, the difference being we will take into account the individual needs of the group. We’ll organise all the activities you want to do, arranging transportation, ticketing and a representative will be there to act as your guide and interpreter.


Family travel

For most families coming to Beijing, the no.1 concern is safety and what to do if something goes wrong. Being unfamiliar with the city’s public services (e.g. hospitals, Police, baby sitters, playgroups etc) doesn’t have to be an obstacle. We will ensure that any concerns are fully addressed prior to arrival and we’ll never be far away during your stay.
NB** Our Man in Beijing provides mobile phones upon request with 24 hour emergency contact numbers pre-programmed into the phone in case someone gets separated or there is an emergency.


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Travel China with OMiBJ

Our Man in Beijing has a range of travel options for China. If you feel like seeing Beijing for a few days or visiting China’s other famous destination, we can arrange your whole trip with minimum effort on your part. Click here for more details


China Sourcing Services

Our product and factory sourcing management teams consistently prove to be the best solution for any business looking to gain a financial advantage by sourcing or manufacturing their products direct from China’s vast number of qualified manufacturers. Click here for more details

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