‘Shopping in Beijing is an exhilarating experience in its own right!’

It is no exaggeration that you could shop every day in Beijing and not get sick of it, it's a shopper's paradise! Beijing has everything from Western high-end fashion to stylistic boutiques through to tourist, antiques, teas, medicines, silks and traditional Chinese products. It's a great way to experience a special side of Chinese culture too... 'Kan Jia' (bartering) is the mean of purchase in most places and it is a lot of fun bargaining for the final price.

Beijing is littered with shopping districts all with a drooling variety of goods. For the more up market goods Beijing's traditional shopping districts are in Jianguomen, Chaowai, Dongdan and Xidan. Recently, the ancient shopping district near Qianmen (ancient Beijing's front city gate) has been totally refurbished in Ming Dynasty style décor but now housing many top label and luxurious product outlets.

Beijing is also host to a plethora of outdoor markets which are also not-to-be-missed experiences for the foreign traveler. Clothes galore, antiques (wood, ceramics and furniture), silks (untailored rolls of fine silk, dresses, suits and bedding), pearls, jade, embroidery, carpets, paintings and Chinese calligraphy, books and numerous trinkets (ideal for returning home gifts) can all be found in the outdoor markets of Beijing.

Beijing is now a leading modern International city, and as a result caters for all types of tastes and desires. Food shopping is no different in Beijing. There are many supermarkets that cater for local cooking styles and international styles with international brands. The fruit and vegetable produce is incredibly fresh and best bought from the stalls on the street corners as it is ‘trucked’ into the city everyday fresh from the countryside. It all adds up to a wonderful experience and is a distinct characteristic of Beijing's attraction.

Our Man in Beijing would provide you with one of our shopping guides to take you out and about in Beijing to fulfill your shopping desires, assisting with itinerary planning, bargaining, communication, and transportation. We can guarantee savings of over 50% with our Chinese skill at bartering.

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