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Employing our company’s high standards for local operator selection, our Travel China package tours are a big hit with our clients; and utilising our healthy network of reliable and reasonably priced tour operators throughout China, our service provides you with the best China has to offer. All of our representatives have a passion for travelling around China, so we think we are well positioned to make insightful suggestions throughout your itinerary planning process.


By employing an approved network of local tour operators throughout all of China we can keep your costs down to an absolute minimum. No ridiculous costs with us!


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Our Man in Beijing’s travel consultation services will let you discover any of China’s amazing beauty at your own pace and with your own preferences included. Based on your desires we tailor your itinerary to the finest detail.


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Discover Beijing!

Our Man in Beijing assists in planning your itinerary and escorting you to Beijing’s famous destinations. We will answer your questions, help communicate with the locals, and haggle for prices. Click here for more details  


China Sourcing Services

Our product and factory sourcing management teams consistently prove to be the best solution for any business looking to gain a financial advantage by sourcing or manufacturing their products direct from China’s vast number of qualified manufacturers. Click here for more details

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